12 Romantic Ideas To Share With Your Partner


One of the most beautiful experiences in life is to be able to share your life with someone. With all the demands of life and the daily routine that can take a toll on relationships, it can be easy to fall into a rut and let the fire for romance simmer down.

Here are 15 simple ways to reignite the spark with your partner to remind each other how beautiful and special your relationship is:

1. Write 5 things you love about your partner on a card and send it to their workplace.

This is a great way to show how much you appreciate your partner. Many times, they wouldn't care what material things we give them and would rather be acknowledged for their positive qualities that can warm their hearts and fall in love with us even deeper. 

2. Hug him/her from behind at the most unexpected time. (Tip: Maybe while waiting in line at the bank or DMV?)

Hugging from behind in public can give our partner those warm and fuzzy feelings along while being caught by surprise in a great way! Not only that, but studies have shown that hugs improve their health by lowering blood pressure and increasing the "bonding" chemical, oxytocin. You'll not only be bringing each other closer, but improving your partner's health at the same time!

3. Slow dance to some baby making music. (Sade, anyone?) 

Slow dancing to seductive music can rekindle romance and bring that spice back into your relationship with your partner. Slow dancing is a lot like meditation and it will help you relax and become present with your partner while you move together in sychrony.

4. Turn off all electronic devices and have a conversation over candlelight and some wine.

Studies have shown that our perception of our partners psychological dependence on their phones can impact the overall health of our relationships. We're all guilty of spending way too much time on our phones and not enough on our partners. We can turn that all around by turning our phones off from time to time and give our full attention to them. Why not go the extra step and have a candlelight dinner with some wine and shut the world out for a while? There is something magical about candles that can create a relaxing and romantic ambiance. Food and wine is the cherry on top.

5.  Kiss everywhere on his/her body but his/her lips. 

There is nothing like a foreplay kiss session that will titillate your senses and keep you craving for more. Saving the best for last can be a big tease and drive your partner wild! According to research, along with the nipples, breasts, neck, buttocks, inner thigh, and ears, lips are a top erogenous zone that easily sparks arousal. We tend to equate kissing with the lips, so "breaking the rules" for kissing everywhere but the lips can kick in the craving for more and help bring novelty and excitement to your sex life 

6. Feed each other chocolate dipped strawberries and other treats.

Feeding our partners can be a great way of building intimacy and a physical way of showing that we care. For our partners, it can rebuild trust and vulnerability by allowing themselves to be fed. We know that our partners can eat by themselves, but taking that initiative to show that we want to take care of them and are there for them can go a long way through this small, simple act. 

7. Send a dirty text in the middle of the day while he/she is at work.

Why not surprise your partner by sending a naughty text in the middle of their hectic day to bring a smile to their face and have them look forward to a whole lot more when they get home?! It's important for relationships to not get stuck in a rut and have some fun while breaking the routine of daily life once in a while. 

8. Run the bathwater and throw in some rose petals for a romantic bath together over candlelight.

When our partners get done with work, why not pamper them to some rest and relaxation by creating one of the simplest acts like a romantic bath that will strengthen the bond you have with them? Can't forget about the candles too! Simple acts like this can make a huge difference in our romance with our partners. 

9. Got this one from reading Fifty Shades of Grey and it is AMAZING: Blindfold him/her while he/she listens to music through headphones loud enough so he/she won't hear or tell what body part of his/hers you're going to play with next. Something fast and loud enough to keep the anticipation going.

10. Work on a scrapbook of memories that you shared together.

This can create a feeling of nostalgia and a remembrance for both of you of shared memories filled with love. It would serve as a great refresher and reminder for you and your partner as to how and why you both fell in love with each other in the first place and how far you've come along.

11. Cook together!

There's nothing like great food and great sex to bring a couple even closer together! Engaging in simple activities together like cooking together can bring feelings of closeness, creativity and bonding for both partners.

12. Give them a massage with menthol oil. It'll give him/her a soothing cooling sensation that may lead to other titillating sensations! ;)

In addition to relaxation, research has shown that a massage can increase levels of the "bonding" chemical oxytocin (which is also the same chemical released during orgasm) and the "feel good" chemicals knows as endorphins which can bring your relationship with your partner much closer.

Hopefully these tips can help in spicing things up with your partner and keeping things hot between you too.

What are some other romantic ways that you have shared with your partner that helped strengthen the relationship?

I'd love to to know your thoughts on this!

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