15 Cheap and Creative Romantic Ideas For Couples

It is easy to think that we need lots of money to be romantic with our partner. Fortunately, though money may give you more options, it is definitely not a necessity. Necessity breeds creativity! It is the simple, little ways of being romantic that can impact your relationship in the most positive way.

Here are 15 ways to be romantic without having to go break your piggy bank:

1. Write 5 things you love about your partner on a card and send it to their workplace.

2. Hug him/her from behind at the most unexpected time. (Tip: Maybe while waiting in line at the bank or DMV?)

3. Slow dance to some baby making music. (Sade, anyone?) 

4. Turn off all electronic devices and have a conversation over candlelight and some wine.

5.  Kiss everywhere on his/her body but his/her lips. 

6. Feed each other chocolate dipped strawberries.

7. Send a dirty text in the middle of the day while he/she is at work.

8. Run the bathwater and throw in some rose petals for a sexy bath together over candlelight.

9. Got this one from reading Fifty Shades of Grey and it is AMAZING: Blindfold him/her while he/she listens to music through headphones loud enough so he/she won't hear or tell what body part of his/hers you're going to play with next. Something fast and loud enough to keep the anticipation going.

10. Work on a scrapbook of memories that you shared together.

11. Cook together!

12. Give him/her a massage with menthol oil. It'll give him/her a soothing cooling sensation that may lead to other titillating sensations! ;)

13. Cuddle at the beach together while you listen to the waves.

14. Whisper naughty things in his/her ear in public.

15. Go to a comedy show together! Laughter is the best medicine!

Hope these help in spending more quality time with your man without spending lots of money!!!

What are some other inexpensive ways that you have been romantic?

Leave your comments below ;)



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