3 Things I've Learned Being Celibate For A Year

It's been over a year now since I've had sex! Maybe the pandemic had something to do with why I haven't had any, but I'm perfectly okay with where I'm at.

Sexual energy is so potent and now that I'm older, I've become more careful of who I share that energy with.

I consider a person who is comfortable and empowered through their sexuality and I've reached a point where I love talking about sex (Hello, tinderlotus!) and yet I can go without it.

I have my urges, especially when ovulating and I just stay aware of them and acknowledge how natural and beautiful it is to have sexual urges.

Our bodies know nothing about shame when it comes to craving sex and it just serves as a reminder for me how nature is what it is, while our mind is filled with illusions of shame and suppression when it comes to sex.

My body doesn't play tricks on me. My mind does.

Seeing these waves of urges come and go is pretty amazing and gives me more respect for sex and the powerful force that it is.

Here are three 3 things that I've learned from being abstinent from sex:

1. Makes you appreciate sex more

When you don't have sex, you're not caught up in the emotions and physical tingles that are easily triggered when we're sexually active.

It's taking a step back and seeing sex from a bird's eye view.

Maybe your friends talk about their sexual experiences with you, you reflect on past sexual moments but there's a cushion between what you remember and where you're at and it's peaceful.

2. You realize that you don't need sex as much as you think you do

I got used to not having sex. The hardest times was when I was ovulating that my sexual urges kicked in, but two days later, those waves flowed away and I'm back to where I was.

That's not to say that I want to go forever without it, but after being sexually active for so many years, not having sex is kind of refreshing.

It's clearing muddy waters and allow you to focus your energy on other things.

Sex is an aspect of who we are and it's connected to every other aspect of our lives, but it's not everything.

3. Allows you to be more creative

Sex is a creative force. It's why you and I exist. Period.

When we don't have sex that creative energy is used in different ways whether it's through writing, dancing, painting, anything that allows you to flow and get into a trance while you're doing it. That's sexual energy.

That's what helps you to make things.

You may not be making babies, but you're making some other form of art.

Who know when I'll have sex again. I might again one day, but in the meantime, I'll enjoy these insights that celibacy has given me.

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