3 Ways We Can Get Unexpectedly Aroused

3 Ways We Can Get Unexpectedly Aroused

For many of us, depending on our state of mind or menstrual cycle, it's sometimes easy to get turned on in during the most random of times. It could happen at the grocery store, at the bank, while you're driving or even just walking.

It doesn't always take kissing and touching to feel the tingles down there.

Here are some 3 ways to be surprisingly aroused:

1. Wearing tight jeans/clothing.

Ever felt the seam of your jeans whether you're standing or sitting, slightly poke your clitoris and you immediately take notice of it, losing focus on what you were doing just before?

Many of us, depending on where we are, will shock ourselves and try to shimmy around in our seats to adjust the seam from touching "there".

This just shows your body is having a perfectly normal and healthy reaction to the friction of clothing. If you're in a public place, there is no way for anyone else to know, so there's no need to feel embarrassed.

Most of the time, the feeling just passes and you go back in focus to what you were doing. 

2. Having your legs crossed.

Having one of your legs on top of your other one creates a pressure on the clitoris, which can feel quite pleasurable. 

Having tight clothing at the same time while having your legs crossed makes it much more likely to happen, maybe even more than once!

Men aren't the only ones that get turned on randomly. We do too, and that's perfectly okay!

3. This is a very unexpected one: a roller coaster!

Some roller coasters (If you've ever been on the Riddler's Revenge ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain, you'll know what we mean!), especially the ones where you have to ride upside down, have pads that go under the crotch area to protect your bottom half while riding upside-down, whether you're standing or sitting for the ride.

The padding has to go on snug in the groin area to hold you in place which can feel awaken good feelings down below. As soon as the ride takes off, you'll probably be thinking about nothing but surviving the ride, but at least there was a moment of pleasure to help calm the nerves! 

These are a few of the many sudden moments of arousal that are completely normal. We are sensual beings and anything physical that touches us in our clitoral area is bound to have some kind of effect. 

Let these moments be a reminder of the sexy, healthy, human, that you are and know that you deserve sexual pleasure just like anyone else!

If you're up for it, let us know your thoughts about unexpected ways to be aroused and maybe some ways that we didn't mention, where you found yourself feeling turned on out of nowhere.

Thanks for reading. :)

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