5 Tips for Traveling with Sex Toys

5 Tips for Traveling with sex toys

Going on a solo trip or seeking to bring your vibe along for some added fun with your partner?

Here are five tips for traveling smart with sexy toys in your luggage:

1. Remove the batteries from your toy.

Not only will this prevent the batteries from discharging, but also prevent the chance that it could turn on in your luggage and draw attention from the TSA agents. 

2. Put your toy between or wrap it inside your clothing.

Your can put it in a carrying case or resealable bag. If your bag happens to be searched, this tip will buy you time to explain that you are carrying a sex toy and can request for it to be searched privately.

A ring, perhaps???

3. Pack small or discreetly designed toys.

Something simple and sleek looking will not to draw attention.

4. If you're still too paranoid about passing it through TSA, you can place it in your checked-in luggage.

These luggages get screened as well, but are less likely to draw attention than if discovered with you at the security checkpoint.

5. If you get your luggage searched, be honest about it.

Relax! The most that can happen is you'll get a chuckle and bring some entertainment for the day for the agents!  I am pretty sure that TSA agents have been trained on sensitive matters like these and you will be just fine once they figure out what your cute little gadget is. Hey, you might give them an idea to buy one for themselves or their lady friends! :)

Hope these tips help ease your worries about your toys on the go! Have any other tips to share? Please let me know in the comments section below! :)

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