4 Ways Dating was Simpler in the 90s and Early 00s

 4 Ways Dating was Simpler in the 90s and Early 00s

Dating back in the day required an actual pursuit of the other person and the feeling of chasing and being chased made it all the more exciting. Our connection with others was personable and we didn't have to worry as much as we do now about any misunderstandings or things being taken out of context like we do now. (Thanks to texting!)

To what do we have to blame this all on? The internet, perhaps? 

Here are 4 dating trends that have sadly become a thing of the past:

4 Ways Dating was Simpler in the 90s and Early 00s

1.  You'd talk on the phone for hours.

Remember the late night talks that would last for hours and you still didn't want to hang up with them even though you can see the sun shining bright through your blinds?

What has replaced these forever long conversations in this day and age? Our short and concise texting that we send back and forth while being distracted and multi-tasking with other things is one way.

Texting can be fun in dating, but it is so easy for things to be taken out of context and can easily lead to misunderstandings, since they can't present the tone that you intend to give in the words that you send. 

4 Ways Dating was Simpler in the 90s and Early 00s

2. You'd dedicate a song on the radio or make a cassette or CD of love songs to think of you when they listen to them.

They'd ask what radio station you were listening to (because listening to the radio was cool back then) or ask you to listen to a certain station the station because they had a surprise for you. 

What else could could be more special than this public announcement dedicated exclusively to you?!

4 Ways Dating was Simpler in the 90s and Early 00s

3. You'd actually get approached by someone in while walking down the street!

Long gone are the days when you were walking down the street and someone actually came up to you and asked if they could get your "seven digits"!

You were given the choice to reject or accept, but regardless, it was still flattering to have someone acknowledge you and let you know that they were interested in person.

4 Ways Dating was Simpler in the 90s and Early 00s

4. You'd go to Blockbuster and pick a movie together.

Going to pick a movie out at Blockbuster was a date in and of itself! Walking straight to the "New Releases" and then through the aisles, talking and getting to know each other's movie tastes, with no phones to distract us.

And then when you realized that the previous person who checked out the movie didn't rewind it, it didn't even bother you because it gave you more time to talk with your date while you rewound it. :)

Even though romantic relationships have always been complicated, dating in the past seemed so much easier and more fulfilling because we actually had face to face interactions with people.

Getting to know people online versus in person is like comparing apples to oranges. With in person interaction, we get the chance to see the other person's body language, which is the most honest communication.

It is easy to say sweet and flirty words online where things can be easily taken out of context, but body language doesn't lie and that's a crucial aspect of communicating with others.

It's no wonder why we feel so lonely nowadays!

What are some other ways that you remember dating being simpler in the past? 

We'd love to hear your thoughts and reminisce about the old days. :)

Thanks for reading!

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