4 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

4 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your sex Life

Everywhere we go, we are constantly bombarded by messages to work out to look sexier.

While exercise certainly can make you happier with your outward appearance, it also provides other amazing benefits to have better sex and overall better quality of life.

What better motivation could there be to workout?!

Here are 4 ways that exercise can improve your sex life beyond just making you feel sexy:

1. Gives your more endurance.

Research shows that women who work out are more likely to be more in the mood for sex and also perform better. The study goes on to state that it also increases your energy levels, making you last longer in bed.

When we are out of shape, we're more likely to be tired and exhausted after sex or maybe not be in the mood for it at all.

2. Improves your flexibility.

Need we say more about how this could help in bed? You can try new positions and new places! Certain physical activities that involve lots of stretching such as yoga, can improve your flexibility and overall health.

3. Helps burn more calories on top of calories being burned during sex.

Though it may not be as many calories burned as jogging a mile, calories burned are calories burned. Every bit counts. A study conducted by the University of Montreal, found that during a 30 minute sex session, men burned about 100 calories while women burned 69 calories

4. Boosts your immune system. 

Though it hasn't been proven, there are theories that exercise helps boost your immune system. Having a healthy immune system means less sick days, which means more time for sex. 

As an added bonus for having a strong immune system, if you're trying to get pregnant, research done at Indiana University found that having a boosted immune system can lead to a higher change of getting pregnant. 

Working out has many more health benefits than negative ones. It not only improves your sex life, but gives a better overall quality of life.

What are some other ways that working out has improved your sex life? If you're up for it, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading. :)


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