4 Ways To Spice Up Your Boring Sex Life

4 Ways To Spice Up Your Boring Sex Life

We've all been there. Been with our partners for a while and we while get along great and the sex is frequent, it's just not all that exciting as it used to be especially when we first met.

All relationships will get to a point where everything becomes a routine and sex is no exception. A boring sex life doesn't mean that the relationship is over.

It just means that it's time to get creative and start something new!

When the sex gets boring, it's time for a sex overhaul! 

Here are 4 ways to get your boring sex life out of a rut:

1. Bring sexy toys to the bedroom

Whether it's vibrators, plugs, dildos, sex dolls (whips, chains, handcuffs if you're into kink), you name it, they'll definitely help you get out of your sex routine.

They might even help you discover new sensations in your body or your partner's body that you never knew you about before!

2. Watch porn together

What better way to get turned on than watching other people have sex! Porn is a great tool to use to spice up your sex life and give you ideas on new things to try.

As long as both of you remain open in communication in the relationship, there's nothing wrong with trying something at least once.

If you don't try, you'll never know, right?

Which brings me to ...

3. If you're in a relationship where you are both on the same page on this, bring another person into the bedroom

This way to spice up your sex life will require lots of communication and trust. Many happily married/long term couples do this to bring excitement to their sex lives.

It's definitely unconventional, especially if you've always been in a monogamous relationship, but it may be something worth considering or at least talking with your partner about.

4. Have sex in a new place you've never been before

Sometimes all we need is a new physical environment to make us feel happy about life and therefore more excited with sex. Book a week long vacation at a resort in Jamaica or a room for a few days with a beautiful view that you've never visited before.

Seeing something new with your partner will make both of you feel something new within each of you and between you two and that will show up in the bedroom!

Having a boring sex life is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your partner and try something new. Variety is the spice of life, so switching things in sex every now and then, will keep it hot and exciting!

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