5 Masturbation Myths We Need to Stop Believing

5 Masturbation Myths We Need to Stop Believing

Given that May is National Masturbation month, we decided to contemplate on and debunk a few myths that many people still believe about masturbation. This self-love act has been around since the beginning of humanity and sadly, we still have many misconceptions about it.

Here are 5 myths about masturbation that we can dismiss for good:

1. Women can get addicted to vibrators.

Just like anything in life, we can become addicted if we are doing it for the wrong reasons. People get addicted to food, but that doesn't mean that we stop eating it. 

Vibrators can be a girl's best friend, but if it's being used excessively to the point that it disrupts other aspects of our lives, it's not masturbation that's the problem. There must be something else going on that we are using masturbation as a way to cope. 

2. Men are the ones who must masturbate. Women don't.

There is lots of contradicting research out there about men being hornier than women and therefore must masturbate. Whether this is true or not is not as important as  knowing that women also have sexual needs and therefore, also have the right to masturbate.

Another factor could be that as women (particularly those of us with a religious upbringing)

we are taught that it is shameful and due to guilt, women repress the urge to masturbate. 

3. People in relationships don't masturbate. 

We tend to assume that couples don't masturbate because they already have someone to fulfill their sexual needs. But not everyone gets their sexual needs met by their partner.

A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), found that sexual contentment was a key factor in determining if people in relationships were more likely to masturbate.  

4. If you masturbated as a kid, chances are you have a sex addiction or hypersexual. 

We tend to think that the urge to masturbate begins in adolescence, but in actuality, it begins in childhood. Though there isn't much research, given the ethical and social dilemmas around this topic, another study done by NIH, acknowledged that a normal psychosexual development does exists in children.

5. It's not healthy to masturbate on your period. 

Masturbation on your period helps ease cramps and relieve stress. If you're concerned about it being messy, it can be done in the shower. Problem solved. :)

Are there any other myths that you've heard about masturbation? Please share in the comments section below. :)

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