6 Foods That Can be Used for Sexy Play in The Bedroom

6 Foods That Can Be Used for Sexy Play in the Bedroom

Who said we have to sit down and eat in the kitchen???!!! Here are 6 yummy foods that'll not only tantalize your taste buds but someplace elsewhere.... Wonder where???....hmmmm....
1. Chocolate
Not only does this melt in your mouth, but it can melt pretty much anywhere if you know what I mean. Oh yea, and make sure you have some spare sheets after this yummy treat! ;)
2. Bananas
Well, well!! What do we have here?? This soft, sweet, phallic symbol taste even better dipped in chocolate for you and your lover to share!! Oh my!!
3. Strawberries
Small, red, plump and juicy... what more can you ask for? Chocolate dipped strawberries???!!! Mouthgasm!!
4 & 5. Cherries and Whipped Cream
Feed into your lover's mouth with a taste of whipped cream and tie that cherry knot together!! ;)
6. Ice Cubes
Ok, so this isn't really a food but can be complimented with food and on a hot summer night, what better way than to tease and awake your lover's senses with an ice cube down his back?
Can you think of any other mouthgasm/orgasm inducing foods? Leave your comments in the section below!!! :)

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