A Simple Trick to Reconnect With Your Partner During An Argument

A Simple Trick Reconnect With Your Partner In An Argument

My reaction in my past relationships with partners would be to leave whenever we got into an argument. This was my way of distancing myself from the heated situation to clear my head to see what next steps I should take.

I remember in college my Sociology professor during a lesson on relationships, shared how she and her husband would deal with talking out of an argument which I thought was genius because it also worked for me and today I'll be sharing this trick with you and I hope it works for you too!

It will be uncomfortable because it's going to takes a lot of vulnerability and humility on your end but that's what's key to connection and that is:

Next time you get into an argument with your partner, hold hands. If possible, lay in bed next to each other while holding hands and continue arguing. Watch how the argument will start to shift. 

It's the simplest trick that works so well. 

Most of the times that we argue is because we feel our needs are not being met and we're not being acknowledged by our partners and being listened to to what's important to us.

Holding hands while arguing gives a physical connection through the power of touch and although you may still continue to argue, something will shift GUARANTEED to how you're arguing and your willingness to come to a resolution.

I would love to hear your experience in trying this simple trick out.

Have a beautiful rest of your day. Thanks for reading.



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