Bring Out Your Inner Sex Freak: Practice Celibacy

Bring Out Your Inner Sex Freak: Practice Celibacy

Promiscuity doesn't equal sexual empowerment. Celibacy doesn't equal lack of it. Quality not quantity is how we empower ourselves sexually.

I know what you're thinking: WTF?! 

It's an oxymoron right? But hear me out on this. Just because you have lots of sex does not make you a sex freak or even a sex addict. And just because you don't have sex, does not mean that you're not one.

I am hornier than ever at this point in my life. But i have had no sex for the past five months and am happier than ever not getting laid. Maybe it's my raging hormones shouting out that I am walking into my 30s and it's time to churn and make a baby Be!

It makes me excited about the next time that I have sex because i know I'll be letting loose. Waiting to have sex has allowed my brain to work my imagination more than ever before. 

Webster's dictionary secondly defines celibacy as (The first definition defines it as the state of not being married) abstention from sexual intercourse. I am referring to it as the exact definition of what it is, outside of religious reasons.

Not having sex can make you amazing in bed. Here's why?

It is all in your head.

Bring Out Your Inner Sex Freak: Practice Celibacy

The brain is the most sexual organ. You can have someone play with your lotus all day and all night, but if you aren't in the mood, meaning your brain is not turned on, nothing is going to happen. Celibacy is percolating all your sexual urges and desires and when the time presents itself to do the dirty, you'll be more than ready. 

It's different from suppression too. Suppression would be to completely eliminate and try to stop any sexual desire, with no room to let it flow within you. We must let it flow! 

Celibacy is allowing the flow to have those urges, because after all, you are a sexual being and you are giving yourself the freedom of choice to abstain from sex. Knowing that it is a choice can make you feel more liberated and sexier than ever before. I'm feeling free and sexy as I write this! :)

Celibacy to sex is like food to the day after. It tastes so much better when you give it time to let it sit and marinate. 

Many people also view celibacy as doing nothing sexual, which includes masturbation. Let's be real here-- Sex and using sex toys get you to the same destination but they're each their own journey.  No one is better than the other. 

Bring Out Your Inner Sex Freak: Practice Celibacy

Here is how sex is different from masturbation:

1. Sex allows you to connect with others on its own level. It's powerful stuff. 

2. Sex can be animalistic and a carnal craving to share your body with someone else. It's biology. 

3. Sex can be a mirror to see for yourself how raw in vulnerability you can be with someone else. 

Here is how masturbation is different from sex:

1. Masturbation lets you be selfish. Everything that you do is guaranteed to bring you pleasure. In. Every. Single. Moment. 

2. You get to know your truest self, no inhibitions or anxiety unlike sex, where you can get performance anxiety. It's harder to do this with someone for fear of judgement. 

Celibacy can be hard. When you're hanging out with someone hot and there is that potential to get down and dirty with him/her and all you wanna do is jump their bones.

This is when masturbation can save your day. Go on and vibe away with your naughty celibate self before you go out with them!

Bring Out Your Inner Sex Freak: Practice Celibacy

Celibacy allows you to embrace your sexuality without having to depend on someone else for it. Paradoxically, it allows you to appreciate the nature given act of sex on a level that you couldn't experience otherwise. 

It goes beyond doing it for religious reasons as well. Just like love, celibacy allows you to transcend on levels that you won't know you could meet within yourself until you give it a shot. 

I know I will be more than ready the next time I choose to be naughty with someone else.

What do you think of celibacy? Is it something you could ever try or you're currently trying? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave them in the comments section below. :)

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