Can Women Get The Death Grip Too?

Can Women Get The Death Grip Too?

Has there even been a time when no matter how hot the sex is and/or how turned on you are, you just can't seem to reach orgasm? 

Chances are, you may be experiencing a form of Death Grip Syndrome (DGS). DGS is usually associated with a condition that men deal with, where the penis becomes desensitized and can't reach orgasm due to masturbating excessively. 

There hasn't been any research done on women getting DGS (Or for lack of better words, Death Rub Syndrome?), but we are just as vulnerable to getting a form of DGS as men are. We love masturbation too!

It's a perfectly natural response if we have experienced desensitization down below.

Although we don't call the clitoris a penis, it technically is a mini version of one and with much friction, rubbing and vibration, our "mini penis" can become numb, giving us a hard time to have a orgasm.

So what can we do if our little button of joy has become numb?

Take a break from masturbation. Give the vibes and your fingers a break! 

Time will bring back the sensitivity and pleasurable sensations. 

Between two to three weeks should do the trick. 

Orgasms after taking a break can be more intense too, so it will be worth the wait. :)

Have you ever experienced desensitization down there? How long did it take for you to reach orgasm again? We'd love to hear your thoughts!.

Thanks for reading. :)


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