Does Size Really Matter? Well, It Depends

Does size really matter?

Is it really about the size of the boat or the motion of the ocean?

In our society, we seem to think that bigger is always better. Bigger wallets, bigger houses, bigger dreams can seem ideal and beneficial for living a happy, satisfied life, but does that also apply to penis size?

From my experience, a man who is well hung or well endowed does not always equal better sex. 

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Larger penis size is what seems to be the unspoken ideal for many men in our society and their partners, but how much of an impact does it really have on relationships?

According to this research study it was found that around 85% of women were happy with their partner's penis size whereas a little more than half (55%) of men were satisfied with their penis size. 

Could love and emotions be the underlying factor that this study did not consider in the partner's satisfaction with the size of a man's penis?

does size matter? it depends

Are single people more selective in the size of meat thrusting inside of them? This study says so. Women seem to prefer different penis sizes depending on the situation. Bigger is better for hookups and smaller was ok if it's a long term relationship.

When it comes to race as a determinant factor to penis size, Dr. James J. Elist  states:

"an individual's penis size cannot be predicted by race or ethnicity. Within each ethnic group, there is a large range of sizes. Among the African-American ethnic group, there appears to be a larger variety of sizes than in Whites and Hispanics, which means there are more extremely small or large penises. There is a lot of diversity within racial groups with respect to penis size, just as there are variations in height and weight among men in different ethnic and racial groups."

So there you have it. The sexual stereotypes about certain groups having larger penises than others (and vice versa) is probably more of a random draw or based on genetics just like height can be.

 So does dick size really matter? Well for partners, it seems to depend on what stage they are in life. As for men? Maybe with their partner's love and support, the concern about it may be less as time goes on. 

What are your thoughts on the importance of penis size? Is it a dealbreaker or does it not really matter to you?

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Sally meateater

Yes it matters it easier to get a grip on a big penis to cut it off when I catch them cheating on me.

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