Fall Season - Time for a Whirlwind of Leaves in a Whirlwind Romance

Fall season - Time for a Whirlwind of Leaves in a Whirlwind Romance

Autumn: the season of transformation. The old ends and the new begins. The heat from summer takes it down a few notches, falling back to a dance of the chilly breeze running through your hair and Helios, as he takes the time to slowly wake you up with his warm kisses. Time falls back (don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour back tonight :)), allowing you to rejuvenate with that extra hour of sleep, feeling ready to face the day and what it has in store.  

"Turning over a new leaf". :)

The summer flings dwindle as fast as the temperature drops. Is it easy to fall in love in the fall??

Is the time for the whirlwind of leaves also perfect for a whirlwind romance?

It's sweater weather! From booty shorts to leggings and cleavage showing tank tops to turtle necks and scarves, fall is the time where we seek to be wrapped around in comfort and warmth. Not only are the days gloomier, but you feel gloomy. 

The best feeling in the world is to have someone to wrap their arms around me while I sip on some apple cider with whipped cream please!

I like to think of fall season as the prologue to cuffing season. Warm enough to head and go about your normal activities as usual with friends, but as the temperature drops so does the contentment of living in singledom. 

As a single woman for six months now, I enjoy being on my own and being selfish. I do not have to check in with anyone and I have the ability to not have to worry about catering to someone else's feelings. 

But this time around, it would feel nice to have someone to cuddle and drink hot cocoa with. 

Maybe I am just too picky. I have had many opportunities but I didn't like these people any more than just a friend and the idea of cuddling with them makes me cringe. :/

Romance this season is all about warmth and comfort. From warm colors to warm feelings, it ignites the hopes of possibility and transformation in a new love. May or may not last for the rest our lives, but for the season being, snuggling up with someone that you're attracted to while wearing warm and comfortable clothes?? Priceless.

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