Study Reveals that Millenials are Having Less Sex: Is the Internet the Culprit?

Study Reveals that Millenials are Having Less Sex: Is the Internet the Culprit?

A study conducted in February 2017 by the Archives of Sexual Behavior, found that millenials are having less sex than otherwise believed. What now seems like a misnomer, the "hookup generation", what millenials are also known as, are the demographic born between 1981-1997 and we are doing anything but that. 

What is stopping us from wanting to do the hanky panky? Do we have the internet to blame?

Sites like Netflix seem to be what many people turn to on their down-time. 

study revealed that binge-watching is growing and can cause a decrease in mental health. We seek entertainment rather than face to face interaction as a way to escape and relieve our stress and research shows that it is doing quite the opposite. 

When you feel sad and depressed, the last thing you want to do is engage in sex.

What about social media sites like Facebook?

This can make us depressed too. Research says so.

 People only post their fun moments or best looking images, which can easily be portrayed by others that their lives are not as great as theirs, thereby causing depression.

It seems like no matter what we do on the internet, there seems to be a common side effect among it all: depression. Could depression be the byproduct of too much internet usage and thus contribute to why we don't have sex? Maybe. Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the the U.S.. It is bound to seep into other aspects of our lives.

While the use of the internet has changed our lives for the better, just like anything in life if not done in moderation, could leave to negative side effects.

Nowadays, a stroll in the park is replaced by a scroll through newsfeed. Sitting next to someone you care about while being on your phone is not quality time. It seems like we have forgotten what it means to actually have a face to face interaction with another human being. No wonder why we feel so depressed and thus having less sex.

If millenials are having less sex could this mean that they are also masturbating less? Doesn't seem like it. Pornhub Statistics for 2016 shows that people are now watching more porn than before. So, we obviously have not lost our primal sex urges. Watching too much porn could have a lot do with more than just meeting your sex needs.

Given this information on the research done, do you think the internet causes depression, leading millenials to have less sex? We's love to hear you thoughts in the comments section below. :)

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