Seek the Extraordinary In Love

Seek The Extraordinary In Love

"When you refuse to settle for less than the best...the best tends to track you down."  ~ Mandy Hale

There is this image in our heads of who we want the man/woman of our dreams to be. We imagine what they look like, the type of personality they would have, the wonderful way that they would treat us and make us feel.

We tell ourselves that we will never settle for anything different because, after all, we know what we want. If it's in our mind, why can't it manifest into reality, right?

It can be understandable for us to be bitter from the pain of our past relationships, but we refuse to let our past define our future decisions. 

We hold our heads high and know that if there are are 7 billion people in this world, we are bound to come across at least one person in our lives that is compatible with us!

Dating can feel like that new jacket we purchased at H&M. We wear it a few times and easily dispose of it as soon as there is a small tear on it.

We and they know that there are many more "fish in the sea".

We continue to swipe away, seeking the love our mind has created.

It's the Law of Attraction! We must get what we think of!

We are past the point of going on dates for the "free food".

We seek vulnerability. We seek someone whose demons complement ours.

It can feel lonely. It can feel as if we have set our standards too high for a potential mate. 

But our friends tell us to never settle, while they themselves are unhappy in their own relationships.

We see the "happily married" photos of people we know on Facebook, knowing that they are on the verge of divorce.

Why are our thoughts on love so contradicting? Is our idea of love just meant to stay as a theory?

 Can this love on our minds become a reality? Are we asking for the impossible?
Should we settle for mediocrity? Everyone else seems to do it, so should we do the same?

We ask loaded questions and receive empty answers.

We're just asking for what we know we deserve and what is best for us!

We only have one life, so why not wait to meet someone who complements the extraordinariness? We don't want someone to just pass our time with!

Time is our most precious resource! We have gone through way too much pain to seek anything but this!

We must keep on keeping on...

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