Why Bad Sex Shouldn't Be a Deal Breaker

The Reason Why Bad Sex Shouldn't Be a Dealbreaker

I used to think that bad sex was deal breaker. I also was too scared to communicate my wants and needs in the bedroom and assumed that good sex is something that should come naturally for everyone.

I now know that this is SO NOT the case. Not in this sexually repressed world that we live in. 

I've learned that it takes work on ourselves and work on our sexual relationships to be able to improve our sex lives.

Since the bread and butter of any great relationship is trust and communication, why wouldn't it be the same with sex?

Trust and Communication: The key factors to better sex

When we're in a long term relationship, we get used to one another and sex is no exception.

Yeah, things could become routine in the bedroom or you could get to a point where you're so comfortable with your partner that you get the courage to express your needs and wants in bed because that trust has already been established that they will not reject or hurt you. 

Bad sex can be a great learning opportunity for the both of you and choosing to trust and communicate will get you there.

How it can strengthen your overall relationship with your partner

You can learn a lot about yourself and your partner with bad sex.

I learned for myself that I was too afraid to express my needs and wants in the bedroom because I didn't want to be judged as "slutty" and I also didn't want my partner to interpret that as him not being good enough for me in bed.

If everything else in the relationship is going great, your ability to communicate your needs in bed to your partner will come a lot easier (pun intended!) and if they really care about you then they'll put in the work to satisfy your needs and vice versa.

If they don't want to put in the effort to satisfy in bed, chances are that there is something else going on with themselves or with your relationship that needs to be addressed outside of the bedroom.

Trust, communication and vulnerability is a two-way street.

The ability to to share with your partner what you want without being worried about what they're going to think and with it an understanding and willingness to grow on both ends, it could make things in the bedroom and beyond that much better.

Let bad sex be a test to see if it can actually help strengthen yourself in asserting your needs and improving your relationship overall.

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