Tired of Dating? Take A Break, But Never Settle

Tired of Dating? Take a Break, But Never Settle

From the peaks of getting to know someone to the lows of breaking if off, dating can be a lot like a roller coaster. These peaks and valleys of emotions can start to feel draining and it's at this point that people settle, thinking that they need to stop being picky and give someone a chance. 

But this "giving a chance", may only lead to unhappiness and a wishing for the next best thing.

Many of us want someone that we can share our lives with. We only have one life. Life may not be short (if we lived it on our terms), but it's not long enough to settle into an unfulfilling relationship. 

There are 7 billion people in this world. Someone is bound to be compatible with you and be what you are seeking. Be picky. Learn to walk away from someone who is not good for you. It may hurt, but it'll hurt much more if you let the pain drag for years, suffering until you just cant take it anymore.

You deserve the very best. Take little if any dating advice from friends. They don't know what you want except for you. 

Don't give up!



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