Using Meditation As a Tool To Improve Your Sex Life

 In our day and age, we have become so preoccupied with making ends meet, checking off our tasks completed and on to the next one, that we have forgotten what it feels like to take a breather. To sit in silence and feel every sensation throughout our bodies. 

Meditation is such a powerful practice that transcends throughout all aspects of our lives. It allows us to get outside of the noise going on between our ears. It has gotten a bad rep these days, becoming more of a mainstream trend than an actual spiritual practice. 

I know that I need to include meditation more into my life than I would like to admit, but when I do practice it, it is a mind blowing experience. 

From savoring the berries that I chew or feeling the texture and temperature of fresh cut grass through the bottom of my bare feet as  I walk through it, meditation helps magnify my sensual experiences.

Which brings me to the topic of sex. Being present in your body and savoring the kiss of your lover while making love, allows you to feel everything and appreciate it for what it is, leading to a sexually fulfilled life.

I like to think of meditation as a drug without the numbing effect. If you really go deep into it, it is the same feeling that you get while having sex under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics, minus the negative side effects. 

There are many different ways to practice meditation. You don't have to sit on a cushion with your legs crossed and your thumb and index finger touching to meditate. When you are present and you are feeling every sensation in your body, whether comfortable or uncomfortable, you are in a state of presence. 

This idea of using mediation during sex isn't new either. Though not entirely revolving around sexuality, Tantra, is an ancient practice in Hinduism and Buddhism that allows the power of meditation to be implemented not only in the spiritual realm, but physical realm as well.

In our culture, Tantra has become associated almost strictly with sex, but it is more of an acknowledgement that the material (sex) and the spiritual world (meditation) can coexist and bring you to powerful states of transcendence that the physical cannot do alone. 

Here are some steps that you can follow with your partner that will prepare you to have a wonderful sexual experience:

1. Breath

With your eyes closed or open, take full deep breaths in and and out until both of your breaths are in sync with one another. To enhance the experience, you can place your hand on your partner's chest and their hand on yours, to feel your hearts beating.

2. Make eye contact and whisper to each other

Once your breaths are in sync, you can look into each other's eyes and say some words to bring your closer like "I love you" or " I feel great when you..."

3. Softly begin to touch each other

While maintaining eye contact, gently stroke with your fingertips each other's body anywhere you feel. Ears, lips, breasts, neck, genitalia etc., to slowly build up the arousal.

4. Kiss

Slowly kiss on the on the mouth and with both mouths open, you can breathe in while your partner breathes out, synchronizing your breathing once again, this time with your lips touching.

5. Give each other a massage

Using scented oils such as Lavender, Peppermint, or Cinnamon, have your partner lie face down as you massage all the non-erogenous then to erogenous zones. Then have your partner life face up and massage non-erogenous as well as erogenous areas. You can take turns doing this to each other. 

6. Have sex

After the massage, you will be aroused and ready to become one with your partner. Choose a position that will allow you to maintain eye contact, kiss and continue to synchronize your breath at least in the beginning. Go slow and really stay present in the act.

Sex does not always have to be a fully physical act. With the help of meditation, sex can be a transformative experience not only for your relationship with your partner, but for you as an individual and your partner as well. It helps us to embrace and appreciate the power of the physical and spiritual all at the same time because, after all, we are both. 

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