Using Sexual Energy to Spark Your Creativity

Using Sexual Energy to Spark Your Creativity

"Life is our canvas. We are the painters. We choose how to form our experiences to create our masterpiece. Therein lies our power. "

There's this law in physics called the Law of Conservation of Energy that states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but transformed from one form to another or one object to another. So what does this have to do with sex, you may ask? Everything (but in this case, we'll be speaking about the times when we're in a dry spell, whether intentional or unintentional). :)

Instead of letting our sexual energy linger in our bodies when we can't release it in a sexual way, this is the perfect opportunity to express ourselves creatively through other physical means --- dancing, singing, painting, writing, sewing, candle making, jewelry making, etc. or any other way we choose to release this energy out into the ether.

Many of us Western women have been conditioned to believe that when our sexual needs aren't being met sexually, only sex can be the cure. It's the American way to repress our emotions. In acknowledging this as true, we give up our power to being in control of our urges and emotions. We all have the choice and power to mold our energies however we want. Motion begets emotion and vice versa. 

What happens with repressed energy? What happens to anything when it becomes confined? It suffocates and dies. It no longer functions normally when released, if ever.

As women, we are the master creators of life and all of human existence. After sex, our bodies have the ability to create another human being all on its own. It's the most amazing artwork we could ever fathom and it all happens within our lovely and curvaceous bodies!

Let yourself tap into an aspect of yourself that's never been discovered or simply hasn't been brought forth in a while. There's no such thing as being too busy to be creative. We do it all the time as kids, but somewhere along the way to adulthood, many of us prioritize making money and forget that that's what made us happy within all along. If we really want something, we can make time for it. :)

So ladies, get out that pen and notepad, paint brush, instrument, turn up the music-- whatever it takes to get those creative juices flowing and sexpress yourself! 

 Thanks for reading. :)


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