Where Did the Stigma of Sex Come From?

Where did the stigma of sex come from?

We live in a sexually repressed culture and there's a lot of shame in talking about our experiences around sex, whether they are positive or negative.

I remember feeling shameful when I heard the word sex and I was still a virgin!

As I've practiced much self-reflection on healing from having an abortion, contracting herpes and being sexually assaulted, I realized that as painful as these experiences were, they were not the root of the stigma that shames us from talking openly about these experiences, but rather the byproduct of something bigger.

Why do I feel so ashamed in talking about these things when they are so common?

The common denominator to all these experiences was SEX.

The root of it is the stigma of sex itself.

Why do we shame sex and not other activities humans do, like eating? 

What is it about sex that makes us so scared to talk about it?

Being the inquisitor that I am, I did TONS of research on where the stigma of sex came from and I realized that we have no idea where the stigma came from but what's important now is how is it impacting my life? Am I growing as a human being or am I shrinking as part of this stigma?

There are things in life that we are taught to believe since the day we are born and most of us never stop to question if what we learned is based on reality or fear and SEX IS JUST ONE OF THEM.

Where do you believe the stigma of sex came from?

How has sex stigma impacted your life?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Leave your message in the comments below. :)


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