Your Orgasm Is Just As Important As His

Your Orgasm Is Just As Important As His

Many of us are left unsatisfied by our partners in the bedroom. As women, we may have internalized the belief that we should always be sexually available to our man, even if it's at our own expense (not having an orgasm). Some of us fake an orgasm just to help boost our man's ego, leaving him happy, but leaving us frustrated inside. 

While we may have good intentions in faking it, it is bound to destroy a relationship. It leaves you unfulfilled and it's deceitful to your partner. If you fake it to get sex over with, chances are your relationship has been rocky outside the bedroom for a while now. 

Talk about it with your partner. Communication is CRUCIAL to having a healthy sex life. Sex should be a two-way street. If your partner is unwilling to please you to the point of orgasm, it may be time to move on and find someone else who can.

There are men who don't think about giving a woman an orgasm not because they don't want to, but because they just don't know how to. This is where masturbation and exploring your body becomes important, so that you can show him exactly how to please you.

In our society, many men are conditioned to think like conquerors, which includes treating sex like a conquest. But if they care about you and are willing to make the effort to please you, this way of thinking can be changed. This is where we need to take initiative as women and educate our men on the study of our body. 

For those of you ladies that have been with your man for years, if it isn't already, sex can be a lot like wine. The longer you let it sit, the better it becomes. It just takes a little assertiveness on our end and lots of practice (which should be fun)!

The point here is to let you know that your pleasure is important too. There's nothing wrong with catering to your man in bed, but it should be MUTUAL.

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