1. Do you work with Tantra or do you teach any type of sacred or spiritual sex practice?

Although the Lotus is a symbol of reawakening that is used in many spiritual practices throughout the world, my guidance around sexuality is based on practicality rather than spirituality. My approach is a holistic one meaning that when I guide my clients around their own self-inquiry about the way that they have been conditioned to view sex, they will by default, be challenged to question their thinking around other aspects of their lives. Every part of our lives is interconnected, so when we can transform our thinking on one facet of our lives, it transforms everything else as well. There are no certain ideologies, abstractions or beliefs needed to have in working with me.

2. Why the name, Tinder Lotus?

Tinder means to incite and the Lotus flower grows out of mud then blossoms into the beautiful flower which is a symbol of awakening through all the "dirt" that we have been conditioned to believe about sexuality. Shattering our conditioning around sex incites the fire within towards taking back our power around sex and therefore around our entire lives.

3. What qualifications do you have for the work that you do?

I obtained my B.A. Sociology degree have done extensive personal development and leadership training. 

4. Do you work with men as well?

I work with all people who seek to reclaim their sexuality. As a society, we tend to look at sex reclaim as a "Woman" thing, but we are all impacted by the stigma of sex, so anyone is capable of benefiting from doing work of transformation in for their sex life.